David Stevens

VAT Implementation Partner
Ernst & Young (EY)

GCC VAT Forum - September 11, 2017

9:00 AM VAT framework and law overview: Introducing VAT in the GCC

  • Where are we now: Discussing the potential VAT framework and law and gaining a clear understanding of timelines of VAT implementation in the GCC
  • Highlighting key areas of the framework and recognising how to apply the guidelines to your business
  • Gaining clarity: Examining which companies and products are going to face VAT and who will be exempt

3:30 PM GCC VAT Q&A: Your questions answered

Do you still have questions about the implementation of VAT?
This open-floor discussion will address any questions that haven’t been answered within the forum to ensure your company is prepared for VAT

Workshop on managing your systems and break-out sessions - September 12, 2017

1:00 PM

With the introduction of VAT, financial services and insurance businesses are amongst the most complex businesses. There are multiple challenges all of which are practical issues.
This session will address the main challenges encountered by financial and insurance companies and demonstrate strategies and technologies to overcome these challenges in a cost effective and compliant manner.
This session will help you to:
  • Recognise the challenges and practical issues that arise from the financial and insurance sector and how to overcome these problems
  • Manage margin-based transactions
  • Address challenges of VAT exception on the financial services